Shipping & Payment Methods

Thank you for shopping with DAINTY PEOPLE!

We provide below shipping and payment methods, please read and choose carefully before placing your order.

Payment Methods

  • By credit card

  • By LINE pay
The system will automatically transfer to Line Pay page, please follow instructions.
  • By cash on delivery at 7-11 store or Family Mart
  • By bank wire transfer
Bank Account: Hua Nan Commercial Bank (008) 10310-0540564
*Please send us the last 5 digits of your bank account after payment is made.
*Your order will be delivered after payment confirmation. Please select another payment method if you wish to receive the order earlier.
*Your order will be canceled if payment is not received in 3 working days, please do not pay after your order is canceled.  

Shipping Options

  • By express service
Shipping cost from $90~$130, shipment usually received within 1-3 days.

  • By pickup at 7-11 store or Family Mart
Shipping cost: $63
Pay online by LINE pay, credit card or bank wire transfer,then collect your shipment at the designated store within 3-5 days.
Photo ID check is required.